QuickBooks Online Sync Error occurs when a vendor credit in Bill.com is trying to sync with the QuickBooks online but cannot do so as the reference number has greater than the required maximum characters. Here in this article, we will learn to fix the QuickBooks Online Sync Error. You can contact QuickBooks Payroll Support Phone Number +1800-210-5289 for more details and assistance.


How To Fix QuickBooks Online Sync Error

What Are The Causes Of QuickBooks Online Sync Error?

The causes of QuickBooks Online Sync Error are listed below:

  • Sync Settings
  • Clients
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Products & Services
  • Properties vs Client
  • Timesheets

How To Fix QuickBooks Online Sync Error?

There are various ways to resolve the QuickBooks Online Sync Error. You can always reach us on QuickBooks Payroll Support Number +1800-210-5289 for any type of assistance. Follow the below steps in order to fix the above-mentioned causes:

Sync Settings

In order to sync an item, the items mentioned above need to be checked off. For example, if you want to sync Product & Services then invoices must be checked off.


If you have two clients to be synced then only one can sync. You need to delete the client who has no Sync icon on it.

Billing Address

If you want to edit the billing address as per your client requirement which is synced then you can do it easily in QuickBooks.


Maintaining the payments is a very significant part in QuickBooks while maintaining the records.

Product & Services

The syncing from software like Jobber to QuickBooks or QuickBooks to Jobber is available. The jobber will fetch the effective items from QuickBooks and compare it with items in Jobber. If the item list is not matched then you can create a new record within Jobber.

Properties VS Client

Syncing over customers and sub-customers is done easily from QuickBooks. A customer in QuickBooks syncs as a client sub-customers are synced as property.


Jobber has all the entries which are able to sync to the time tracking in QuickBooks. Only the authorized timesheet will go to the QuickBooks. Ensure that the usernames are the same in both the Jobber and QuickBooks.

Company or Person

  • When you are importing a client from QuickBooks to Jobber then the client is either as a person or company.
  • If the company name is absent then it becomes easy to set up person.
  • If the company name does not have the first or the last name then it becomes easy to set up a client.
  • If the first name or the last names are different then jobber will create client as a company.


Follow the below steps to sync Invoice:

  • Click on QuickBooks icon.
  • Choose Sync and Settings
  • Sync Selected Invoices
  • Send Invoices to QuickBooks when marked sent.

If you only want to Invoice then you can choose Sync to QuickBooks. Then you can select Sync Selected Invoices.

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How To Get Technical Help For QuickBooks Online Sync Error?

Now, you must able to fix QuickBooks Online Sync error. Our QuickBooks Tech Support Number +1800-210-5289 is available to provide all the technical assistance for your QuickBooks issues. We have a team of skilled and talented experts who have many years of experience of resolving QuickBooks issue on a daily basis. You can also seek a step by step assistance on QuickBooks Live Chat Support.

How To Fix QuickBooks Online Sync Error?
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